EBC Body Truffle

So you've tried scrubs before, but we bet you've never exfoliated quite like this!

We transformed the body scrub into a head-to-toe treat. These petite, individually wrapped body scrubs pack a powerful punch! We blend pure cane sugar with super-fine salt to gently polish skin and reveal your freshest, healthiest glow.  Our Body Truffles turn into a lotion when you massage onto skin, releasing a rich blend of cocoa, shea, and avocado butters that leave it feeling deliciously soft. 

Customize your experience by using it for site-specific areas multiple times, or use a whole one for a refreshing, all-over body exfoliation. 

How to use:  For maximum moisturizing benefit, use at the end of shower. Turn water off or face it away from you. Break off a small piece at a time and gently massage onto body. Rinse and pat dry. Any left over scrubs can be set aside to air dry out completely, then reused within the next few days. break off & crumble a small piece at a time into wet hands. Gently massage scrub onto body as needed to exfoliate, soften, and protect. 

How to care for:  To ensure the freshest quality, indulge yourself with our decadent Body Truffle soon after purchase. Products are temperature sensitive. Please treat them like chocolate by keeping them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

The uses are endless. The results?  Absolute bliss!